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About  Us



We offer a free consultation to meet and discuss your expectatons, as well as you getting to know us and vice versa.


Questions I will ask to get to know you more:


♥ Your wedding date

♥ Chosen venue (if any)

♥ What are you looking for

♥ Guest count


-Of course there will be more but these

are just basics.







Lake Oswego, Oregon Wedding Planners

Wedding Ceremony


Ceremonies can be stressful and our job is to ensure it is the least amount of stress as possible for you, your family, wedding party and guests. Standard services for ceremony:


♥ Coordinating with venue to ensure everything is perfect

♥ Creating schedules for wedding party to ensure they know when and where to go

♥ Coordinating with photographer, DJ, etc to ensure all is perfect

♥Ensuring bride, bridal party, mothers, fathers, grooms and groom's party are the least amount of stress and ready to go with no hitches.


-Much more depending on what you want






Lake Oswego, Oregon Wedding Planners

Reception Party

The reception is the let loose and have fun time with your guests. My job is to ensure all vendors are working together and there are no problems. Standard services are:

♥ Ensuring decorations are correct

♥ Coordinating with all venues, photographer, DJ, caterer, etc that everything is where is should be

♥ Ensuring all announcements are on time and proper

♥ Clean up when necessary

♥ Stays to the end to ensure everything is taken care of.

-Many more depending on what you want



Lake Oswego, Oregon Wedding Planners

My name is Aurora and my mother is Brenda. We have a passion for helping others and love weddings. We offer a wide variety of options that will help you on your day and make, not hurt your budget. We offer organizing, calling vendors, budgeting, florists, photographers, decorating, directing people, and much more.

Lake Oswego, Oregon Wedding Planners.

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